The World Health Organization is the branch of the UN concerned with promoting international public health and guaranteeing the health and safety of individuals around the world. In all that they do, the WHO works tirelessly to uphold their goal "to build a better, healthier future for people all over the world".

Topic One: Antibiotic Resistance. Antibiotic Resistance has recently become one of the biggest international threats to health - both within developing and developed countries. Frequent misuse and overuse of antibiotics in humans and animals has accelerated antibiotic resistant bacteria which poses a drastic threat to infections that used to be easily manages such as pneumonia, TB and gonorrhoea. Besdies immediate health concerns, Antibiotic resistance impacts individuals, health systems, medical clinics, pharmaceutical companies and governments. All stakeholder positions will be important to consider when combatting this issue.

Topic Two: Effects of Population Growth on Public Health

Background Guide

Chair: Sarah Beaverson

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Beaverson and I am a junior here at Duke double majoring in Biology and Global Health. I’m originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA and everyday wonder why North Carolina has not yet been blessed by the gift of Wawa. This is my third year being involved with DUMUNC and I am so so excited to be your Chair of WHO. Besides DUMUNC, I am an active member in other branches of DIRA (Duke International Relations Association) as the Chief of Staff of our college conference, DISCON, and a member on the Duke Model UN competition team. Besides my DIRA involvement, I am the Service Chair for Duke Presbyterian Campus Ministry and involved in research with the Duke Global Health Institute on contraceptive use and maternal/reproductive health in Haitian women. When I’m trying to procrastinate you can find me surfing the web for recipes to bake, taking pointless buzzfeed quizzes or listening to NPR podcasts. Feel free to email me at sarah.beaverson@duke.edu with any questions/comments/concerns. Looking forward to meeting you all!