UN Security Council

The UN Security Council is charged with maintaining international peace and security through cooperation between its permanent and temporary members. This year, the Security Council will be tackling issues involving nuclear proliferation and major territorial disputes.

Topic One: Nuclear Proliferation: As much of the developing world progresses, some nations inevitably desire stronger military power, most notably through nuclear weaponry. However, the technology required to develop such weapons is also required to build nuclear power plants, a possible clean energy source that may replace conventional coal and natural gas in years to come. Delegates will need to come up with a way to combat the rise of nuclear weapons-states, particularly North Korea and Iran, while allowing for nuclear power as a possible clean energy source for the future.

Topic Two: Crisis in the South China Sea: The International Court ruled in 2016 that the People’s Republic of China has no legitimate claim to the South China Sea, yet the PRC has rejected this ruling, arguing that any solution must come from bilateral negotiations. Furthermore, the nation has built artificial islands in the area, bolstering its regional military power. The claim poses a possible threat to international trade, as $5.3 trillion in trade passes through the area annually. Delegates will need to reconcile competing national interests, a military buildup, and trade issues to come up with a peaceful plan to deescalate the situation.

Background Guide

Chair: Jack Dearing

Jack is a sophomore originally from Baltimore, MD, majoring in Economics and Environmental Science and Policy. Apart from DUMUNC, he is an advocate for clean energy and sustainability, former model, fourth place in the 2016 Olympic power walk race, and avid Duke Basketball fan (#GTHC). Jack hopes to make the Security Council the most lit committee in DUMUNC. Follow me on Instagram: jack.dearing12