Duke University

DUMUNC is located just a few minutes from the beautiful main campus of Duke University.

Campus and student-led tours of the university will beginning Friday morning. Groups should meet at the Duke University Office of Undegraduate Admissions, located at 2138 Campus Drive. Don’t miss this chance to get an inside look at one of the top schools in the country!

The Gothic Wonderland

Spanning almost 9,000 acres of campus, and nearly as many acres of tranquil forests, Duke University is more than just a home to one of the premier academic institutions in the nation; Duke is truly deserving of its fond moniker, “the Gothic Wonderland.” With the recent completion of major five year strategic plan “Building on Excellence,” Duke’s campus is more stunning and visitor friendly than ever with the addition of a new library, the Nasher art museum, and the always lively new student plaza. We at Duke are very excited to share this campus with you and we sincerely hope that you will seize the opportunity to explore all that Duke has to offer. For your convenience, we have included below brief descriptions of some hotspots worthy of visiting.

The Duke Chapel
You literally cannot miss the Chapel. Located at the heart of Campus, the Duke Chapel exemplifies the beauty of Duke’s gothic architecture. More than a place of worship, the students here also look to the Chapel as a place of solitude and reflection. One must not be of a certain faith to appreciate the regular tolling of the bells, the beauty of the soaring arches, and the mesmerizing stained glass artwork. Please do not hesitate to step inside and admire this historic Duke landmark.

West Union

West Union is the central hub of all Duke activity. This student center houses every fathomable convenience, including twelve different eateries. The nearby Bryan Center hosts the Duke Store (an essential for any true Blue Devil fan). We encourage you to the time to soak up some of the campus energy that is so vibrant here – taste West Union's brand new eateries for yourself, and consider browsing the main store for some souvenirs to bring home!

Cameron Indoor Stadium

Cameron stadium is another major draw on Campus, and it is not at all hard to see why! Sports Illustrated has ranked it among the top 20 sports venues, not just because of our powerful basketball teams, but also because of our fierce Duke fan-base, the “Cameron Crazies.” So while at Duke, why not pop in and see for yourselves where all the magic happens?

Perkins and Bostock Libraries

Duke University proudly boasts one of the largest private collections of library materials in the United States. Bostock library, unveiled in 2005, is an exciting addition to this network of academic resources. Come experience the history and future of academia as they coexist side by side in the forms of Perkins and Bostock Libraries (and while you’re in Bostock, definitely check out the 3rd floor’s extensive public documents collection of United Nations records containing all UN Security Council and GA resolutions!).