Committees Overview

DUMUNC is home to some of the finest committees on the high school Model United Nations circuit. We have something for everyone, from first-time MUNers to seasoned veterans of advanced crisis committees.

The DUMUNC staff has been hard at work developing these committees over the last several months, based on the areas of expertise of our talented and dedicated chairs. They can't wait to share their experience and knowledge with students from around the world, and their preparation is certain to make for an enjoyable and insightful debate experience.

Our general assemblies are best for first-time or inexperienced participants. Their chairs are experienced in clearly and effectively teaching the basics of parliamentary procedure and MUN strategy while maintaining a lively debate atmosphere. This experience will provide an invaluable foundation for participation in future debate events of all kinds. Delegates who particularly enjoy working large general assemblies may also find these committees interesting.

Our specialized committees suit delegates who are familiar with the basics of MUN and would like to explore more in-depth topics without venturing into advanced crisis simulations. Students will be expected to apply their knowledge and political skills to unique, engaging situations ranging from ancient history to modern day.

Our crisis committees provide an opportunity for students to take their skills to the next level. They include some of the world's most powerful and influential organizations, and the possibilities are limited only by the scope of the delegates' ambition. Participants will be expected to respond quickly and effectively to ever-changing, complex global scenarios, and maximize the influence of both their organization and their country or persona.

Our joint-crisis committees challenge delegates to address one of the most highly charged security issues in the modern world. Students will work with and against their peers both in their own committees and in other committees to pursue strategic influence for their nations.

General Assemblies


Topic 1: Might of Latin American Drug Cartels

Topic 2: Poverty in South America


Topic 1: Inequalities Brought on by Climate Change

Topic 2: Erosion of Democracies Globally with Delegitimization in Media Space

Topic 3: Ecological Changes that beget Religious and Ethnic Conflicts


Topic 1: Cholera Outbreak Prevention and Management

Topic 2: Maternal Health

Specialized Committees

Catalan Independence 2017

Pandemic 2020

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Topic 1: Human Rights

Topic 2: Migration

Partition of the Ottoman Empire

Crisis Committees

United Nations Security Council

Topic 1: Israel-Palestine Conflict Resolution

Topic 2: Strife in South Sudan

Topic 3: South China Sea Dispute

DNC 2020: Running up the Score

Topic 1: Pick a Nominee

Topic 2: Strategy to Win Back the Executive and Legislative Branches

Topic 3: Party Platform Adjustments

International Court of Justice

Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General

Joint Crisis Committees

JCC United Corporate States of America (UCSA)

JCC Afrasian Economic Alliance (AEA)

JCC Coalition of Indo-Australian States for Ecological Cleanliness (CINASEC)