Catalan Independence 2017

The Catalan Government declared itself independent on October 27, 2017 after a referendum declared illegal by Madrid showed majority support for independence. Carles Puigdemont, the former Catalan president, fled to Brussels, while most of his cabinet remained in Barcelona after Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy dissolved the regional assembly. This committee takes place after this dissolution, in a hypothetical situation where Rajoy reinstated the former cabinet with limited power to negotiate a future for Catalonia and the Catalan people after the crisis.

The background guide will be linked here by the end of January.

Chair: Jack Dearing

Jack is a junior originally from Baltimore, MD, majoring in Economics and Environmental Science and Policy. Apart from DUMUNC, he is an advocate for clean energy and sustainability and for environmental policymaking. He is currently sleeping in a tent for the Duke-UNC game so if he seems tired don’t get on his bad side cause you don’t know the struggle. This past semester he ruined his bank account while abroad in Glasgow, Scotland, where the cold weather did NOTHING to prepare him for sleeping in a tent. This year is his second as a chair at a Model UN conference, and hopes to make Catalan Independence 2018 DUMUNC’s best committee yet.

You can contact Jack at john.dearing@duke.edu.