JCC United Corporate States of America

The Earth of the future is far from the idyllic visions humanity once held. The seas have swallowed up large swaths of coast across the planet. Europe is now no more than a smattering of islands, colonized and contested by the new world powers in a cruel reversal of the old imperial age. India has been severed from the rest of Asia, and Africa is now split in half following catastrophic experiments with tectonic energy. In this dark world, devastated by climate change and the forces of the earth, supernations and global alliances battle for world domination. Some fight for a cause. Others fight for themselves. Some desire power. Others covet resources. Some have advanced technology. Others have unbeatable tactics. In this chaotic world, your choices will determine who conquers the planet, and who is destroyed.

The shackles of bureaucracy have held back America for far too long, but now, the efficiency of the corporate culture dominates over the country. An oligarchy of corporations rules America, spearheaded by President Barron Trump, and under their control, the United States has subsumed all of both North and South America, efficiently and effectively crushing all in their path. Cold, foreboding drone squadrons and elite special forces bearing highly-sophisticated weapons technology are at the forefront of the new American military, allowing the corporate oligarchy to effectively strike down all who stand in their way with only a handful of forces. Having consolidated all of the Americas, the UCSA now looks beyond the oceans to the archipelagos of Europe, and the fragments of Africa for new resources to loot, and new territories to seize.

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Chair: Shreya Bhatia

You can contact Shreya at shreya.bhatia@duke.edu.

You can contact the JCC director, Cheenu, at chhitij.tiwari@duke.edu.