JCC Coalition of Indo-Australian States for Ecological Cleanliness

The Earth of the future is far from the idyllic visions humanity once held. The seas have swallowed up large swaths of coast across the planet. Europe is now no more than a smattering of islands, colonized and contested by the new world powers in a cruel reversal of the old imperial age. India has been severed from the rest of Asia, and Africa is now split in half following catastrophic experiments with tectonic energy. In this dark world, devastated by climate change and the forces of the earth, supernations and global alliances battle for world domination. Some fight for a cause. Others fight for themselves. Some desire power. Others covet resources. Some have advanced technology. Others have unbeatable tactics. In this chaotic world, your choices will determine who conquers the planet, and who is destroyed.

The most unlikely beneficiary of the world cataclysms was Australia. Relatively unaffected by the mass floods and continental splitting, Australia, now governed by an aboriginal faction dedicated to the conversation of nature, was quick to seize advantage of the opportunities such cataclysms provided, sacking Europe of warships and resources immediately after the continent flooded, before any group could react. When India split from Asia, and drifted into the Indian Ocean, Australia was the one to provide aid and stability to the now ocean-locked subcontinent. This friendship blossomed into a deep-seated military alliance rooted in a common dedication to environmental conservation. Now that CINASEC has formed, these two nations, along with New Zealand and Indonesia, seek to correct the deep environmental disregard the world has had for so long now. Using ecoterrorism and guerilla warfare, along with an extremely powerful navy and advanced EMP technology, the coalition of nations now seeks to spread their environmental message and policies, buttressed by the mystic philosophy of Australia's aboriginal leaders and the theocratic views of India's radical Hindu right, led by the centenarian Narendra Modi. The coalition will not stop until all corners of the planet cease their environmentally-harmful ways of life, and finally learn to respect their Mother Earth.

The background guide will be linked here by the end of January.

Chair: TBA

You can contact the JCC director, Cheenu, at chhitij.tiwari@duke.edu.