DUMUNC is one of the premier high school model United Nations conferences in the country. Serving 600 delegates annually in over 12 different committees, it is one of the best weekends of the year! Throughout the four-day conference, delegates are charged with the task of addressing and resolving some of the world’s most pressing issues. Delegates will engage in meaningful and stimulating debate, and may be presented with crises and predicaments that extend beyond the scope of their original topics. It is the goal of DUMUNC to challenge delegates during committee, and allow them to learn from both our committed staff and their talented peers.

DUMUNC features large, traditional committees, small-scale committees focusing on regional issues, and a Joint Crisis Committee, all of which will be run by our knowledgeable and motivated student-led dais.


Robert Steilberg, Secretary-General, dumuncsecgen@gmail.com

Robert is a senior from Richmond, Virginia majoring in computer science. He's participated in Model UN for almost seven years now, ranging from delegate all the way up to chairing the JCC Turkey crisis committee and serving as DUMUNC XXXV's Under-Secretary-General. Robert is a computer science teaching assistant and spent the past summer in Washington, D.C. working with Esri as a web developer. He is excited to be leading a secretariat for the first time in his Model UN career, and looks forward to organizing a great conference along with the rest of DIRA.

Varun Jain, Under-Secretary-General

Varun is a senior in Trinity College pursuing degrees in Biology and Global Health. Originally from the wilds of North Virginia, Varun has been involved in Model UN for seven years now. Varun hopes to bring this bevy of experience to DUMUNC XXXVI. Beyond DUMUNC, he is also involved in Duke Consulting Club, First-Year Advisors Executive Board, and works in a lab studying muscular developmental disorders. He and the rest of the secretariat are looking forward to making this the best DUMUNC yet.

William Tener, Chief of Staff

Hey there! My name is William Tener and I am a senior majoring in Public Policy with a Certificate in Markets and Management Studies. I am excited to return as your Chief of Staff for DUMUNC XXXVI. Outside of Model UN and school you could find me either at the pool or on the golf course. I am spending this fall in Copenhagen studying Terrorism and Counterterrorism from a European perspective, and I cannot wait to bring this new international mindset to this year's conference. I look forward to helping put on another successful conference full of fun times and stimulating debate. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. See you all in February!

Jeff Xu, Deputy Chief of Staff

Hey y’all! I’m Jeff, and I’m a junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Neuroscience. This will be my third year with DIRA and my seventh year involved in MUN, and I am so excited to be serving as your Deputy Chief of Staff for DUMUNC! On campus, I work as a teaching assistant for Psychology, am involved with research in the Psychiatry department, and also love competitive video gaming.

Cheenu Tiwari, Director-General of Crisis Simulations

Hello! This is my sixth DUMUNC thus far, as I was a delegate to the conference for three years in high school. I absolutely love the fast pace and excitement of crisis conferences, and as your Crisis Director, I'm extremely thrilled to be here to give you a fun, creative time. When I'm not busy with Model UN, and fulfilling premed and Neuroscience major requirements, I love to write stories and dance to Bollywood songs. This is my second consecutive year designing and running the JCC, and I'm looking forward to seeing both new and old faces in the crowd when I come in to collect directives during committee! If you need anything, reach me at ct179@duke.edu and I'll be happy to help you out!

Lydia Barrios, Director of External Affairs

Lydia is a sophomore at Duke from Madrid, Spain, but who grew up in Spain, UK, US, Russia, and Canada. Although undeclared, Lydia is planning on pursuing an Interdepartmental Major between Political Science and Russian, a certificate in Markets and Management Studies, and a minor in Chinese. Aside from the Duke International Relations Association, Lydia is a member of the International Association, the Alexander Hamilton Society, the Latin American Student Organization, and is the treasurer for the China Leadership Summit 2018. Lydia has been involved in Model UN for 8 years, and has chaired both of Duke’s Model UN Conferences (DISCon and DUMUNC) for the past two years. Lydia also spent this past summer interning in Washington, DC at the US Chamber of Commerce, specifically involved in trade between the U.S. and Asia.

Nicole Kiprilov, Director of Internal Affairs

Nicole is a junior majoring in Political Science, with a minor in Philosophy and a certificate in PPE. Originally from New York, Nicole never thought she'd end up in the even more cosmopolitan metropolis of...Durham. This is her second year in DIRA, and her second time being involved in DUMUNC. Besides her involvement in DIRA, Nicole does research, works on political initiatives at Sanford, and is involved in many other organizations on campus. And when there are no more organizations to get involved in, Nicole just creates new ones. When she's not drowning in work that is clearly too much for her to handle, Nicole can be found reading Russian literature, studying languages, or daydreaming about the good old days when she was a martial artist and a competitive classical pianist.

You can contact Nicole at nicole.kiprilov@duke.edu.