Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register for DUMUNC XXXVI?
    Please see the registration page.

  2. Must payments be made in full?
    In order to receive country and committee assignments, the full amount of the invoice must be paid by check to the Duke International Relations Association. Please refer to the registration page for more information. Special circumstances may be granted on an individual basis. Please contact dumuncsecgen@gmail.com to discuss any financial circumstances that may arise.

  3. When will I receive my invoice?
    Electronic invoices will be emailed once the committee assignments request form is filled out. You can find the link to that form on the Your Account page. Please allow 48 hours for requests to be approved.

  4. How will I know when my money has been received?
    We will send a confirmation email and update your committee assignments spreadsheet with the new status once payment has been received.

  5. How do I make lodging accommodations?
    We ask that you contact the Durham Marriott City Center Hotel for all reservations. More detailed information regarding lodging can be found here.

  6. Can I add or remove delegates?
    If you would like to add or remove delegates once assignments have been made, please email dumuncsecgen@gmail.com. We will try our best to accommodate your request. Please note that all modifications must be made in accordance with DUMUNC fees and deadlines policy. Please refer to the registration page for further information.

  7. When will background guides be available?
    Background guides will be available by mid-January in the committees section.

  8. Will we need to submit position papers?
    All committees will need to submit position papers due at the beginning of the first session. If your delegate does not submit a position paper, they will be ineligible for an award in that committee. More information will be released as we draw closer to the conference. Please make sure to check each committee’s requirement for position papers, as changes may have occurred.